Respect, Individuality, Learning, Collaboration, and Understanding

Our vision for learning is that our students flourish in their early years experiences by building on their strengths and interests to promote wellbeing and continuous learning growth in their Individual Learning.

At Niddrie Autistic School, individual students and their needs are at the centre of curriculum planning and delivery. Student learning priorities are identified and addressed in Individual Learning Plans.

Our purpose is to address the needs arising from ASD and to build on individual strengths thereby optimizing each student’s skills by the time they move into a non ASD specific school setting. We achieve this by providing intensive, personalized teaching of foundation communication, social, emotional and language skills at the start of each child’s schooling with the aim of students learning the functional skills they will need in order to access learning at their next school. The majority of the curriculum content is taught through a wholistic curriculum based on student strengths, interests and learning preferences. Teachers incorporate student ILP and Victorian Curriculum priorities into a range of lessons (cooking, music, community excursions and play) aimed at learning and applying functional communication, literacy, numeracy and social skills.

Principal’s Notes

Dear parents, guardians and community members
Welcome, 2021 is the beginning of an exciting…

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Parent’s Resource

Enrolment – If you are interested in your child attending Niddrie Autistic School, please contact us by calling 03 9112 8112.

School Policies and Documents

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We are a team teaching school that is very supportive of early career teachers who believe in the child centered…

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Our Staff

At Niddrie, we have a team of enthusiastic, experienced and dedicated set of staff members who genuinely care…

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